KYMA sandals are designed to complement your entire wardrobe. From casual wear during the day all the way to dressier summer outfits for drinks by the sea.

When it comes to flat sandals, we make them as comfy as possible. Three layers of sole leather guarantees you can wear them all day because you won’t get tired and they are good for miles and miles.

Our sandals are made for care free summer vacations on the Greek islands. Breakfast by the sea in casual wear and your morning KYMA pair. Roam the islands for shopping and sightseeing in your KYMA slides. Time for the beach – grab your KYMA! Afternoon stroll and then a tasty dinner with breezy summer cocktails wearing your favorite buckle KYMA pair.

We use vegetable tanned leather that is eco-friendly made traditionally, without nasty chemicals. The age-old leather production process has remained the same over the centuries and we only use leather that is certified by the Cuoio Di Toscana Consortium. They can certify our shared commitment to respect the environment.
Most companies use chromium tanned leathers because it’s cheaper and the color is more uniform. We prefer the expensive kind that doesn’t cause skin allergies. Oh, and it’s a lot more durable. KYMA sandals will probably last you twice as much as any other sandals you’ve had before.

Probably the biggest advantage of the vegetable tanned leather is that it darkens over time. This happens slowly when exposed to sunlight. And our sandals are definitely designed to be seen by the sun.

Each pair we create is made by hand with plenty of tender love and care. Add to that the slowly tanning of the pair as it lives on the feet, it is absolutely evident that each pair is truly unique. Just like each and every one of us.