Baruti is the Greek word for gunpowder. A word used to describe something that has bite or edge. Each fragrance is like a perfume explosion on the skin. The perfumes are strong, memorable and intense! Based in The Netherlands, BARUTI was born out of love for the art of perfumery (2015). BARUTI’S signature style is combining creativity with wearability. They strive to create scents that intrigue, move and inspire people.

Spyros Drosopoulos (Ph.D.) – is the perfumer and founder of the brand. Spyros is self-taught in the craft of perfumery. He writes the formulas and evaluates them (with his team). As a researcher and academic, Spyros has always felt at ease in a laboratory environment. Experimentation is his second nature.

They select the most interesting materials, and combine them in unique and novel ways to bring distinct fragrance compositions. The inspiration can come from many things, real or imagined, but it always boils down to trying to capture a particular feeling and translating it into the language of scent. Sometimes a formula takes a few weeks to complete and sometimes it takes several years before they’re truly happy with the result.

At BARUTI they care about giving the best possible product they can, but they care even more about doing that in a way that keeps their eco footprint to a minimum. From the materials they use, their packaging and distribution channels, everything is designed with the planet in mind. In addition, they give back to nature and help raise awareness about environmental issues. They actively collaborate and donate a part of their turnover to The Red List Project.