therinós, whose name deliberately refers to the Greek summer, is a new company in the field of resort wear and especially in the creation of women's swimwear from high quality materials, with timeless designs and special features that allow them to be worn   from day to night, on the beach or on night outs and soirée.

The high quality of the materials and their impeccable seam, allow every woman to use them in a different way, creating the right look for her vacation on an island but also for a night out in one of the cosmopolitan destinations.

Inspired by iconic women with timeless style, the brand's objective is to create modern and at the same time classic designs that flatter and highlight the feminine silhouette, something that was immediately perceived by fashion icons and celebrities in Greece and abroad, from the first already year of release.

Timelessness, sustainability and inclusiveness are the core values ​​of therinós following ethical practices in the trade industry around the production process. Closely connected to the Mediterranean roots of the team behind therinós, the materials come from local communities in Italy with a long tradition and know-how in creating luxury fabrics, while the production studio is in Greece, with long experience in tailoring. In addition, a big portion of the swimwear collection has been created from recyclable yarns made entirely from ocean and landfill waste that has been recycled into high quality sewing materials.
therinós collection is available at selected points of sale, luxury boutiques, beach resorts & clubs in Greece and Dubai as well as online, while next summer the company expands its presence by adding new points of sale in Saint Tropez & Bodrum.